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Things I love: travel | the sea | big dogs | mugs of tea | dark chocolate digestives | my boyfriend, Jack | crystals | succulents | shooting film | mug cakes | the colour mustard | doc martens | avocados | a good fountain pen | tattoos | vegan food | rings | good playlists | adventuring |

Grace by Emily Tyler Photography

Grace by Emily Tyler Photography


Hello! I'm Grace Elizabeth, a five foot tall twenty-something year old girl... come hopeless romantic. On the one hand, I am inspired by the beauty in the little things, and on the other, I am inspired and energised by the excitement that comes with big adventures. I am inspired by grand oak trees, vast oceans and foggy mornings, but I am equally inspired by silence, sad playlists and reflection. I am also a believer that we all have the ability to leave the world in a better place than it began.

I've had a camera in my hands since I was little, probably around the age of ten, when my dad lent me his old Canon DSLR. Fast forward thirteen years later, a few cameras in between, a first class honours Batchelor of Arts Degree in Photography (and secretly wishing I did a business degree!) and I am now so privileged to have a career in the art of documenting moments. So thank you, Dad, I owe you! :)

Grace and Jack by Emily Tyler Photography

Grace and Jack by Emily Tyler Photography


A few years after my first camera encounter, my family moved to the beautiful coastline of North Devon, 300 miles from our hometown of Colchester, Essex, and then back home again, a few years later, and I am so pleased that I had this experience, because I met the love of my life in that little coastal area.

But it's no ordinary love story, oh no. At just aged 16, I was quite literally set up with my other half Jack, by some of my closest friends, who eagerly punched my phone number into his phone and likewise, and demanded we went on a date. Well, they were right, because Jack and I have been together now since 2012, have survived multiple years of an on and off long distance relationship, and are still going strong. I guess you could say we were high school sweethearts. 

For me, having an upbringing where love is a strong fundamental building block in whatever way, shape or form it may appear, and having friends you selflessly care about, has made me realise that love and friendship really do make the world go around. I think today, too, it is so important to celebrate love in all of it’s forms, because I feel that our differences as humans are what make us interesting. I love hearing about people’s love stories, just as much as I love sharing my own, and I can entirely say that through photography I have been graced with meeting some of the most wonderful people in the world and I have adored seeing their love stories grow too.

One of my very favourite portraits of Jack and I, taken by  White Sails Creative.

One of my very favourite portraits of Jack and I, taken by White Sails Creative.

MY STYLE and how i shoot

So, the serious part, I suppose. Defining your style as a photographer is so difficult, because we all do different things, we all edit different ways, and we are all drawn to photography for different reasons! I prefer not to define my style as such, and rather let the images appeal to whoever they appeal to. That said, I like to think of my images as authentic, timeless, and story-telling. So I guess I could tell you a bit about how I like to shoot.

I am really laid back, a bit of a cool cucumber if you will. At 5ft tall (something I emphasise a lot here because upon first meeting me, lots of people don't quite know how to say 'Oh, you're... shorter... than I imagined...?' without thinking they'll offend me! (which by the way, you won't!)) my height allows me to blend into a scenario like a wedding day really well. I shoot very candidly, and document as much as I can without you knowing. There's something I love about looking out for real, natural moments, the kind of moments that would've otherwise gone unseen, whether it be the way your nana dances with the little ones on your wedding day dance floor, the way your newborn wraps their toes around your thumb, or the way your spouse to be / partner looks at you with love, without you even noticing it.


One thing I will say about the way I work too, is that I never pose, instead, I direct. This means that although I'll get you to interact a certain way initially, you're not stuck there. You're free to move, dance, laugh, and just be yourselves; so much so that the fun you're having will overtake your awareness of being photographed. Photography isn't about fixed moments, it's about documenting the real.

For that reason too, let's talk about 'imperfection'. A rainy wedding day perhaps. Rain during your family session. Or a baby who cries during their newborn photos. I've experienced it all and you know what? I'm a hopeless romantic and I know that sometimes imperfection is perfection. As photographers, we look, purposefully, for this imperfection, and we see the beauty in all things. Take for example, my parents' wedding photographer, who said he wouldn't turn up on their wedding day if it rained. And it did. And he was late. Luckily, rain on your wedding day is seen as good luck, and my parents have been together for over 25 years now. So if it's bucketing it down with stormy rainclouds and windswept hair on your engagement session, let's go ahead. Because the likelihood is, the sun will ultimately glisten through the trees in the aftermath, and isn't that just beautiful?

My favourite furry guy: Karhu.

My favourite furry guy: Karhu.


Here's a few of the blogs I've been featured on. You can find out more about what makes my mind tick, my heart flutter, and you can see some of my very favourite couples, their love stories and photographs.

Sometimes, I think of the sun and moon as lovers who rarely meet, always chase, and almost always miss one another. But once in a while, they do catch up, and they kiss, and the world stares in awe of their eclipse.