When the Photographer becomes the Photographed | Couple's Session at the Natural History Museum, London | Grace Elizabeth, Essex Alternative Wedding Photographer

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A few months ago, Gabrielle of White Sails Creative and I crossed paths on Facebook. Gabrielle was going to be coming to the UK all the way from Virginia for a holiday, and was looking for couples to photograph in a few locations whilst she was here. As I live in Essex, travelling to London really wasn't too far of a reach, and what's more, it would be a lovely day out, so we agreed to meet up at the Natural History Museum.

Jack and I have been together for over six years now (childhood sweethearts!) but have only once had our photos taken together by a professional photographer before, those being with the wonderful Doris Heinrich, who is also one of my most wonderful friends. I love the photos Doris took, they were so bright and bubbly in and around Shoreditch, London. Gabrielle's photos were to have a totally different tone, and I was excited to see what she might produce!

On both accounts, I must note that Jack and I are not models, in fact, we can be quite shy in front of the camera! But it is so important to get in front of the camera and have photos taken every now and again... I know this all too well as a photographer myself!

Gabrielle and I agreed to meet just under where Dippy the Dinosaur used to live (now replaced by Hope the Whale), and, despite us entering the museum from two different directions, and having never met before, as we are both around the 5ft tall mark, we managed to miraculously find one another!

These are just some of the photos she took in and around the Natural History Museum (I have to say, what a concept it was to be photographed in such a busy place - people were taking photos of her taking photos!) I am so in love with them, and I can see many being framed in the future!! 

So thank you ever so much Gabrielle, you are amazing!! xo

Please check out Gabrielle's work!

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In the meantime, here are her STUNNING photos of us!