I might shoot your Destination Wedding for FREE! | Grace Elizabeth | Alternative Essex Wedding Photographer


EDIT: This offer is no longer available as of January 2019.

So, you're thinking of getting married abroad?! How fabulous!

Before I dive into telling you about my AMAZING offer of shooting your destination wedding for free (yes, REALLY!), let's have a chat about why you might bring a UK photographer (particularly me, an Essex-based alternative wedding photographer!) along on your travels!


Why bring a UK photographer along?

Planning a wedding in a totally different country can potentially be quite a lot more difficult than planning one in the UK. Why? Well, there's the actual logistics of planning it: who do you invite? Do you speak the language? Where is the best venue? Who should you book for your flowers, DJ, food, and (arguably) most importantly: your photographer?! Then there is the worry of hiring someone out there for your photography, who might not create the kind of authentic, story-telling images you're looking for. Maybe you fell in love with a UK based wedding photographer like me, and worry their travel rates will be too expensive! (I have good news about that later on!)

One of the great advantages of bringing a UK wedding photographer along, is that you can meet up before the day, to have a chat over coffee and talk about your wonderful plans - with me, that means you basically have me on hand the entire time in the run up to the day. Then there is the added bonus of them speaking your native language, too (if English is said language, of course!) which means you can totally convey exactly what you're looking for, with someone who shoots the kind of work you adore, and who wants to be a part of your wedding as much as you do, rather than booking someone abroad, who you don't know very much about.


So what happens if I book you as a destination wedding photographer?

Booking me as your destination wedding photographer is just as much fun as booking me as anyone in the UK might do, and you get the same package - but with the added fun of exploring a country! You have me on hand the entire time up until the event (yes ladies, if you'd like me to come along to your dress fittings, I will!), you can text me, whatsapp me, instagram me, email me - I'm there for you! You get all of the pretty packaging that my usual clients receive, and more importantly, you get an adventure buddy! We can meet up for coffee (well, tea, really!), look on tripadvisor together - you name it, we can do it.

Alternatively, if you're already living abroad and looking to book me as your destination wedding photographer, we can Skype or Facetime as many times as you like, if visiting isn't appropriate for you, and you can still book me! Isn't the internet fab?!


How does your photographer go about checking out the location?

With UK weddings, as much as I can, I will always do a recce of a shoot or wedding location. It just gives me an idea of what to expect and gets the creative juices flowing.

For destination weddings, it's a bit different. I definitely advise that my couples book for me to arrive a few days before the wedding. Not only does this avoid possible travel complications (read: disasters) but it also means, after my extensive google-searching, I can search out on foot, some fab locations to photograph you in on your beautiful wedding day. It also means, if you like, we can do a pre-wedding session, too!


So, will you really shoot my destination wedding for free?!

YES! There are a few places I have on my bucket list (so to speak), that I would absolutely love to visit! As a result, I am happy to waive your wedding package cost, and shoot your wedding for FREE, with the exception of you covering my travel, accommodation and food.

Those places are Italy, Iceland, America (anywhere, but Utah and Colorado are right up there!), Australia, the south of France, the Netherlands and Norway. But just before you head over to the contact form... I must let you know that this is a first come first served basis. I am only able to allocate one wedding per location!

So, if you're interested, please don't hesitate to get in touch and tell me all the details!


What if our location isn't on your bucket list? Can we still book you?

Yes of course! Still get in touch with me - you never know if I might have an offer up my sleeve! 

That said, I also get asked about pricing a lot. Destination wedding pricing is also not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, so it's hard to say without having a chat! You would still book the same wedding package pricing as our UK counterparts, but you will need to cover my travel, accommodation and food costs additionally.

Hopefully that has cleared up some questions and expanded on a few bits and pieces! I hope it may be of help!

Grace xo