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Celebratory Beach Family Session | Thomson Family | Cudmore Grove, East Mersea | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex, Devon, Suffolk And Norfolk Alternative Wedding And Family Photographer

When Rebecca reached out to me to book a family session to celebrate her mum’s birthday, I was so overjoyed! In a million years I would never have thought to have booked a family session to celebrate a birthday myself, but the fact that Rebecca did this was just so wonderful, and it’s something I am seeing more and more of you doing!

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Westward Ho! Beach Dual Family Session, North Devon | Grace Elizabeth | Colchester, Essex, Devon, Suffolk and Norfolk Alternative Wedding and Family Photographer

Going back to North Devon, where I spent many of my teenage years, means catching up with old school friends. In April, I had the chance to go back to Devon to photograph Grace and Sam’s wedding… 

By the way, if you’re organising a wedding in Devon, do get in touch as I’ve waived all of my travel and accommodation fees for Devon weddings in 2020 and 2021 in a bid to be down at the coast more!

Going back down to Devon wasn’t all work though, and, since two of my best friends have little ones, it meant meeting up with them for beach days with the kids!

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Beach Family Session at Cudmore Grove | Ruse Family | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

You know the most awesome thing about the Ruse family? Not only did they book me for a Mother’s Day Mini Session, but I’m also shooting their wedding next year!

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Cudmore Grove Relaxed Beach Family Session | Mother's Day | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

It might have just been Father’s Day, but I’m throwing us back to Mother’s Day for this lovely family session!

The Penny family have been such avid supporters of my work ever since day dot, and for that I am really truly grateful. I first met Joanne’s daughter Katie when she reached out to me last February about covering a charity ball she was organising. She had put the ball together completely herself at Braxted Park to raise money for Alzheimer’s awareness, which was a charity close to her heart as her grandmother has Alzheimers. As my Grandad has dementia, it only made sense to support her by photographing the ball. I am so glad I did, because it was incredible. It was also really lovely because she invited my boyfriend along as my plus one, and I got to see a bunch of school friends. As it turned out, the two of us had lots of mutual friends from school, but had never met!

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Family Session With Twins at Crow Point Beach, Devon | Barallon Family | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

A family session with not one, but two one year olds! This was a first for me!

Bex, the twin boys’ mum, is the loveliest and she has followed my work for quite a long time, but the only hitch? She and her family all live in Devon! The last time I was in Devon, we couldn’t work out a day where we were both free to do a shoot, but things worked out in the end! It just so happened that I was back in Devon in April, the boys had just celebrated their first birthday, and their grandmother was visiting all the way from Australia, so it was the perfect time to do a shoot!

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Father's Day Mini Sessions | Cudmore Grove | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

So, if you’re a keen follower here, you might remember that this year for Mother’s Day I decided to hold beachy mini sessions down at Cudmore Grove in Mersea to celebrate our wonderful mothers or mother-figures.

Well, they were so successful that I’ve decided to run Father’s Day Mini Sessions too, so get excited!

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Photographing a Military Honours Burial at the USAFA, Colorado | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

A few weeks ago, I flew to the USA to photograph something both incredibly important and incredibly difficult. It was the kind of opportunity I was initially unsure about how to respond to because it was one that was so important, but one that I am so glad I had the courage to say yes to, because it was something I now consider a highlight in my career…

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Mother's Day Mini Sessions | Cudmore Grove | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Our parents deserve to be celebrated don’t they? Luckily, there’s two occasions every year where we can celebrate everything they do for us, those being Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!

This year, to celebrate Mother’s Day, I’m offering mini sessions! I know how difficult it can be to round up all of the family for a lifestyle session, but mini sessions are just a quarter of the length of my usual lifestyle sessions, at just 30 minutes long, and these ones are for a very special price, too!

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Fletcher's At-Home Mini Newborn Session | Barnstaple, North Devon | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Fletchers at-home newborn session is still up there as one of my very favourites. Laura and Lee’s home was full of beautiful natural light, which poured through the windows of their little house in North Devon and bounced off of all of the neutral-toned decor filled within. Honestly it was a photographer’s dream… and don’t get me started on the adorable little monogram onesie Fletcher was sporting!

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Baby Beau | Crow Point, North Devon Family Session | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

So Beau’s mum, Kelly, and I actually go way back. She is the twin sister of one of my very best school friends, the first girl to befriend me when I moved to Devon as the shy 14 year old I was. When she fell pregnant and asked me to do Beau’s baby photos, I was so excited, if not a little nervous, because the last time I properly saw Kelly was probably in 2012! I also love that she and Jordan waited until Beau was just a little older, rather than being a newborn before she booked to do these photos, because he had so many hilarious expressions to show us, and had perfected his grumpy face almost perfectly for the photos!

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Tyler Family's Christmas Session | Hertfordshire Extended Family Session | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

This might just be the biggest family I have photographed in one go!

When my friend (and amazing photographer!) Emily asked me to take her family portraits, I was so over the moon! It is always such a privilege when another creative (especially a photographer!) asks you to take photos with them, and this would be a lovely session to take some more for the family album.

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Dedham Extended Family Session | McPherson Family | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

This extended family session was truly special, and let me give you a bit of background as to why…

Laurel Beth first got in touch with me when I was shooting a wedding in December, and her enquiry was just so sweet that during my meal break I had to reply! She told me that she and husband Ryan had moved to the UK back in spring last year for work, and that this was meant to be their first family Christmas apart. Having experienced having long distance family and relationships myself, I totally knew how she felt. However, as I read on, I was so overjoyed to hear that her family had planned to fly from Tennessee to the UK to spend Christmas all together - how precious is that?!

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Post-Wedding Sessions | The Clark Family | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding Photographer

This blog post is going to be introducing something new to you - my post wedding sessions! I am so excited to launch these, because I think they might just be a huge game changer (not to mention a stress reliever!) when it comes to the formal photos on your wedding day…

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Best of 2018 | Grace Elizabeth | Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

What an absolute year 2018 was. It was the year I went from doing photography on the side, to going fully self employed, and for that, I am so very grateful. 2018 gave me the opportunity to photograph the most amazing weddings and lifestyle sessions, and to meet so many amazing people. It was a year full of love, I started the #GoldDustProject, I photographed quite a few charity events and I documented a few eco friendly vegan events too. So here it is, a round up of the best moments of 2018!

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Winter Family Beach Sunset Session at Cudmore Grove | Bushell Family | Grace Elizabeth | Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

I first met Jo (also a wonderful family photographer!) through one of my Gold Dust Project participants, Lorna. After photographing Lorna with her little ones at her home (and spending a little too much time chatting at the end!), just as I was leaving, Lorna’s good friend Jo turned up for a catch up with her. I never expected that a few months down the line, Jo and husband Stephen would be looking for family photos. It is always a HUGE compliment when another photographer wants to book in with me!

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Cosy Woodland Extended Family Session | The Dow's | Grace Elizabeth, Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer, Colchester, Essex

After heading to take a few photos with Joe and Emily’s grandmother at her home, we all drove a short distance to Donyland Woods on a chilly but sunny November morning, somewhere that Joe and Emily spent many hours exploring as kids with their parents and grandparents. I am always happy to suggest photo locations but more often than not, it’s lovely when you take the lead because it lets us make memories in a place which is probably already packed full to the brim of memories from years gone past!

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Fitch Family Session at Colchester Castle Park | Grace Elizabeth | Alternative Wedding Photographer Colchester, Essex

So, here's a funny story... I used to actually go to school with Emily-May, who booked this family session with me to celebrate her mum's birthday... But I hadn't seen Emily in almost ten years! It was so surreal to catch up with her and meet the rest of her family, and what a fun session this was!

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Barker's Summer Evening Extended Family Session | Grace Elizabeth | Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

I was admittedly a little bit lost on the way to the Barker family session, and after a quick phone call to Bryony, who booked the session, I was pointed in the direction of the house - turns out no one can find it! A few moments later, and still a bit confused, I was excitedly greeted by three little girls, waving at me with huge grins from across the road. 'Ah, that'll be the house then!' I knew right off the bat that this would be a lot of fun, because the girls were so keen. I always love an extended family session, and the Barker family's session was no exception!

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The Parker's Suffolk Extended Family Session | Grace Elizabeth | Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer, Colchester, Essex

When the Parker's got in touch with me a little while ago about booking their extended family session, I was super excited, because the session was going to be a surprise! Elizabeth's mum was celebrating her birthday the day of the shoot, and the day after, her parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, so it was such a lovely gesture to book the session for those reasons! It made it even more special!

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A Laid Back Woodland Family Session with the Chandrasiri's | Grace Elizabeth | Alternative Wedding Photographer, Colchester Essex

The family travelled over an hour to come and see me, and we explored Highwoods Country Park, here in Colchester where I live. It is one of my favourite spots for sessions, plus I like the challenge of always trying to find new parts within the forest!. It was a super warm day, and the Chandrasiri's were so organised that they even brought multiple outfit choices with them - oh how I excited I was! I LOVE an organised family and the different outfit choices were amazing. I tell you, Mira and Marianna both do a fabulous job of co-ordinating outfits for their bookings!

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