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Yes, you heard that right! The lovely Stacey at See It Happy painted me my very own custom jacket and I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!

I first reached out to Stacey a little while ago now via Instagram, and we became friends pretty quickly, which was probably a bad thing in the long run because I absolutely fell in love with her jackets and the beautiful painting she adorned them with. She is so very skilled!

It wasn’t long before I just had to ask her to paint me a jacket, but not just any jacket, oh no! I searched high and low for a faux leather jacket, or a quirky denim jacket, and finally, I landed upon a faux leather mustard coloured Misguided jacket, which I bought second hand (but brand new!) from Depop (gotta be eco-friendly, right?!)

I sent it off to Stacey and I can’t even begin to explain how excited I was! I had told her that I really wanted to incorporate a moon (tying in with a tattoo I have), crystals (as I really love crystals and my grandma is a crystal healer) and peonies (because who doesn’t love peonies?!) along with my business name, Grace Elizabeth, and within a few days, she had sketched up some ideas.

I gave her the go-ahead and completely trusted her from the start. She was absolutely great, and kept me up to date every few days or so, messaging me with photos, which I loved seeing! She is a true artist!

When I received my jacket a week or two later, it was just PERFECT. The attention to detail is actually insane, I can’t even explain it. For that reason, I got my boyfriend Jack to take some photos of me wearing it down at my favourite place, Mortehoe in North Devon. I think he did a pretty good job, right? (Six years of training, that is ;) )

I really hope you love seeing her hard work, it looks beyond incredible in real life, thank you SO much Stacey!

Grace xo

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