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Best of 2018 | Grace Elizabeth | Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

What an absolute year 2018 was. It was the year I went from doing photography on the side, to going fully self employed, and for that, I am so very grateful. 2018 gave me the opportunity to photograph the most amazing weddings and lifestyle sessions, and to meet so many amazing people. It was a year full of love, I started the #GoldDustProject, I photographed quite a few charity events and I documented a few eco friendly vegan events too. So here it is, a round up of the best moments of 2018!

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How to hold a laid-back Vegan Buddhist wedding at Firstsite, Colchester | Georgie and Amalaketu | Grace Elizabeth, Alternative Wedding Photographer, Colchester, Essex

When Georgie and Amalaketu got in contact with me about shooting their laid back, Buddhist wedding, we met up (as I always do!) and chatted over some vegan food and drinks in my favourite little nook - Sip and Tuck. An hour or so later, they invited me to have a look around their trendy, modern wedding venue: Firstsite, an art gallery in the centre of Colchester - and as it turned out, the planets had aligned... 

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Georgie and Amalaketu's Laid Back Buddhist Firstsite Wedding | Previews | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding Photographer

I decided to meet up with them to have a chat over a hot chocolate (no surprises there!) at one of my favourite little cafés, Sip and Tuck. Having ordered my coconut milk hot chocolate, I pondered around the corner to find them sat there awaiting me. Within a few moments and hello's, a waitress peered round and asked if I wanted the vegan hot chocolate, so I said yes! Off she went again, which prompted 'are you vegan too?!' from Georgie and Amalaketu. 'Yes I am!' I said. Turns out they were too, and they'd been looking for vegan wedding suppliers because they too, are vegan! If that's not fate - I don't know what is!

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