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Meg and Laurie's Intimate Boho Vintage Garden Wedding, Brentwood, Essex | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex, Devon, Suffolk And Norfolk Alternative Wedding And Family Photographer

Where do I even begin with yesterday’s wedding?!

Meg and Laurie wed in a beautifully intimate back garden ceremony yesterday, under a marquee lit with fairy lights and surrounded by their nearest and dearest, many of whom had travelled miles to witness their marriage.

In the few months I have known Meg and Laurie, I have really come to see them as friends. They made me feel so incredibly included and welcome at their wedding, as that is a testament to them as people. They really are the epitome of what it means to love and be loved, and they reinstated to me that love really is at the core of everything we do as humans.

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Hannah and Anthony's Intimate Retro DIY Seaside Wedding At Thorpeness Golf Club And Hotel | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding And Lifestyle Photographer

What a jolly day this Saturday’s wedding was at Thorpeness Golf Club and Hotel!

Oh Hannah and Anthony, what wonderful friends I have found in you both (and of course your pup Wally!) over these past few months! From our very first meeting where you put on a surprise vegan feast for me at your home (how amazing you are!!) and we spent over two hours chatting about your wedding (but truthfully mostly about dogs, vegan food, art, decor and finding out how similar we are in general) to yesterday… Which was the day of your gorgeous, intimate and absolutely non traditional wedding day, which has left my cheeks hurting from smiling so much!

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Jane and Patrick’s Romantic Wedding Previews at Smeetham Hall Barn | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex, Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

The weddings I have been shooting recently have all been absolutely gorgeous and this one was no exception! Every single wedding has had it’s own theme, quirks, and every group of people I’ve met have been wonderful from start to finish, so let’s get onto sharing this absolute gem, shall we?!

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Hayley and Sam's Boho Wedding Previews | The Secret Garden, Kent | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Oh Hayley and Sam, what an incredible couple!! You might remember their pre wedding session, which we photographed over the easter weekend with their lively pup, Quinn. Well, their wedding was just as incredible!

When Hayley’s mum first enquired with me about the couple’s wedding coverage, I loved the sound of their intimate victorian walled garden wedding venue. It was just absolutely stunning from the photos I’d seen online, and perfect for the small wedding they were planning. It was then just lovely when after a few weeks, an email landed in my inbox from Hayley herself, telling me that she and Sam wanted to book me! I was so elated. There was something about this wedding and the couple, and my instincts were right, as I am so glad to call them both friends now!

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Sunny Town Elopement at Colchester Castle, Colchester | Rhian and Ali | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding And Lifestyle Photographer

When an email from Rhian and Ali popped into my inbox just two months before they planned to hold their wedding, I knew from the first line of their email that they sounded pretty ace. ‘We've known each other for 8 years, been together for 4 years and engaged for 3 years. We got bored after Christmas and randomly decided to just book our wedding for April.’ I knew they sounded like my kind of people. I love that they were ‘bored’ enough to plan a wedding - how chill do they sound?!

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Anne and Charlie's Wedding Previews | Intimate Wedding at All Saint's Church, Maldon | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Anne and Charlie’s wedding yesterday was just so wonderful, even if it was probably the most blustery wedding I have ever photographed!

I first met Anne and Charlie at John and Amy’s wedding at Tunnels Beaches last September, where they were guests. I actually remember them pulling me aside to ask if I would take a photograph of them together - I didn’t expect an email to land in my inbox from them just two months later asking me if I would photograph their wedding, what an honour!

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Colourful Intimate NYE Registry Office Elopement at Colchester Town Hall | Kim and David | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding Photographer

Just a month before the two planned to wed, an email popped into my inbox from the loveliest couple, David and Kim. The couple had been together for over thirty years and were finally planning to tie the knot in a super intimate ceremony, with just Kim’s daughter and her mum present, although there was going to be a big party a few months down the line with all of their friends who would then be aware of their wedding!

Noted in their email as ‘what will probably be the speediest wedding ever’ although quite correct, as they were in and out of the ceremony within 20 minutes, it was such a wonderful way to end 2018 on a high and definitely a lovely thing to witness.

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Best of 2018 | Grace Elizabeth | Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

What an absolute year 2018 was. It was the year I went from doing photography on the side, to going fully self employed, and for that, I am so very grateful. 2018 gave me the opportunity to photograph the most amazing weddings and lifestyle sessions, and to meet so many amazing people. It was a year full of love, I started the #GoldDustProject, I photographed quite a few charity events and I documented a few eco friendly vegan events too. So here it is, a round up of the best moments of 2018!

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Intimate DIY Rainy Beach Wedding at Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe | John + Amy | Grace Elizabeth | Alternative Wedding Photographer, Colchester, Essex

Oh where do you start with a wedding like this one? A beautiful couple (actually, let me correct myself *a beautiful family!), beautiful location and beautifully thought-out, DIY wedding day. I couldn’t ask for any more.

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Intimate Outdoor DIY Summer Wedding at Prested Hall | Sophie and Christian | Grace Elizabeth | Alternative Wedding Photographer, Colchester, Essex

When I met up with Sophie for a raspberry lemon-lime soda at a local pub a few months ago, I knew she was my kinda bride! We chatted about her wedding plans to long-term fiancé, Christian, and her eyes absolutely lit up as she spoke about him. They're just the cutest couple, and you will just see how in love they are!

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Sophie and Christian's 'Cute' Bohemian Wedding Previews | Grace Elizabeth | Alternative Wedding Photographer, Colchester, Essex

I absolutely adored their wedding and how sweet they were, I think #cute is the only way to describe them (Sophie and Christian will know what I mean!) but also their bridal party, family, and friends were just the kindest people. Oh I do love these weddings where I end up feeling like a guest!

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How to hold a laid-back Vegan Buddhist wedding at Firstsite, Colchester | Georgie and Amalaketu | Grace Elizabeth, Alternative Wedding Photographer, Colchester, Essex

When Georgie and Amalaketu got in contact with me about shooting their laid back, Buddhist wedding, we met up (as I always do!) and chatted over some vegan food and drinks in my favourite little nook - Sip and Tuck. An hour or so later, they invited me to have a look around their trendy, modern wedding venue: Firstsite, an art gallery in the centre of Colchester - and as it turned out, the planets had aligned... 

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Jess and Tom's Boho DIY Norfolk Countryside Wedding | Grace Elizabeth | Alternative Wedding Photographer, Colchester, Essex

Fast forward to June, and oh my goodness I just don't have enough words to describe how amazing their wedding was! From groom prep with the guys who were totally laid back and couldn't stop laughing, to bridal prep with the girls (I do love this part - all the makeup, hair, dresses and jewels get my creative mind buzzing!), to the beautiful, touching ceremony itself at their local Kingdom Hall, to the abundance of lovely family and friends who posed for group shots, to Jess and Tom themselves, who were absolute models during their couple session (the connection they have exceeds something way beyond their years) to the amazing Thai food, to the tear-jerking, belly-laughing speeches, and finally their sweet first dance. ALL of it was perfection.

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Georgie and Amalaketu's Laid Back Buddhist Firstsite Wedding | Previews | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding Photographer

I decided to meet up with them to have a chat over a hot chocolate (no surprises there!) at one of my favourite little cafés, Sip and Tuck. Having ordered my coconut milk hot chocolate, I pondered around the corner to find them sat there awaiting me. Within a few moments and hello's, a waitress peered round and asked if I wanted the vegan hot chocolate, so I said yes! Off she went again, which prompted 'are you vegan too?!' from Georgie and Amalaketu. 'Yes I am!' I said. Turns out they were too, and they'd been looking for vegan wedding suppliers because they too, are vegan! If that's not fate - I don't know what is!

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Rhiannon and Will's Art-Deco Town Wedding | Grace Elizabeth | Colchester, Essex, Alternative Wedding Photographer

When I met up with Rhiannon and Will on Christmas Eve of last year, they told me of their non-traditional, vintage-twist low-key wedding plans. These two were not about having a big, over the top wedding, and focused more on having a small, intimate get together with family and friends, which I absolutely adore in a wedding. I was most intrigued by their laid back nature, highlighted by their plans to get ready together, to walk to the ceremony location together, down the aisle together, and of course leave as husband and wife. Their laidback natures even rubbed off onto me, as I was asked quite a few times if I was friends of theirs. Although not quite, I always feel like I ultimately end up becoming friends with my couples!

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Jess and Tom's Norfolk Countryside Wedding - Previews - Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding Photographer

When Jess and Tom emailed me a few months back now, their wedding plans sounded right up my street. I rang them right away, and it felt almost like chatting with a friend rather than a potential client! Fast forward a few weeks, and we all met up for a hot chocolate in Starbucks in Norwich earlier this year, and, to no surprise, we got on really well immediately.

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Rustic Romantic Wedding at Captains Wood Barn, Maldon, Essex | Grace Elizabeth | Alternative Wedding Photographer, Colchester, Essex

When I found out about the beautiful new venue of Captains Wood Barn, situated in the Maldon countryside, I just knew I HAD to photograph there. As it was winter going into spring (obviously the best time to organise a shoot - not!), weddings were not in full swing, so I, along with my florist friend Kelly of Miss Fleur Floral Design, decided to put together our very own boho, romantic wedding... With a twist... We only used carnations for the entire shoot, and we had 800 of them to be precise!

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