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Urban Pre Wedding Session in London's East End | Natalie and John | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

‘A shoot in London’ you say?! ‘Grace never shoots in London!’ Well on this occasion, I did indeed do a shoot in London - because after all, a sign above my desk says ‘Be afraid. Do it anyway!’ and I am using that as my mantra for 2019!

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Zeromkt - London's First Vegan, Zero Waste Market | Grace Elizabeth | Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding Photographer

At the end of last month, I had the opportunity to attend and photograph London’s first vegan, zero waste market: the ZeroMkt, held at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel, in Kensington, London. You might know that I personally am all for supporting things such as animal rights, being as eco friendly as possible (reduce, reuse, recycle springs to mind!), and being vegan, but I usually keep my opinions relatively unheard of. However, the ZeroMkt was such an amazing collection of likeminded people, and it’s really encouraged me to be a bit more open about the things that are so important to me!

The ZeroMkt was organised by a few people, but notably the lovely Abi Penny, who I had initially met through her sister Katie. Earlier in the year I photographed a charity ball for Katie to raise money for Alzheimers Research, along with supporting her in running the London Marathon for her grandmother. It would seem that both sisters have their minds set on changing the world for the better, because the ZeroMkt was an amazing achievement!

I got in touch with Abi to find out a bit more about what her plans for the market were, so this is a little bit of a different blog post in that it’s kind of an interview!

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