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Classic Intimate English Wedding, Wivenhoe House and St Osyth | Sarah + Alex | Grace Elizabeth, Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer, Colchester, Essex

You know what, if I could shoot intimate garden weddings all of the time, I totally would, and this wedding is exactly why…

Sarah and Alex got in touch with me just ten days before their wedding day in October. Having wed in France in a beautiful chateau a few weeks prior, they planned an intimate re-run of their day, so that Alex’s grandmother would be able to attend (you’ll spot her as the smiley blonde lady in the blue dress in the photos later!) Straight off the bat, I thought that was just so kind and I absolutely said yes to doing their wedding (what a stroke of luck it was that I was free!)

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Sarah and Alex's Intimate Family Wedding, Wivenhoe House and St Osyth | Previews | Grace Elizabeth, Colchester, Essex Alternative Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Alex and Sarah got in touch with me just a week before their wedding, which had been brought together at lightning-speed to follow their initial big wedding in the French countryside a month prior. Unfortunately, Alex’s Grandmother was too ill to attend their destination wedding, so this wedding was put together almost just for her (oh, and that small note about having a legal UK ceremony, too, but their focus was more on having their wonderful Grandmother present.)

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