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I'm Grace Elizabeth, a twenty-something UK based alternative wedding, elopement, destination wedding and lifestyle photographer with a love for rolling tides, foggy mornings, sad playlists, quiet moments, adventuring with no sense of direction, windswept hair, cosy blankets, lace dresses, and real moments. Although I am based in Colchester, Essex, I have roots down in North Devon, and, along with a heart of wanderlust and a sense of adventure, I adore travelling anywhere and everywhere.



Natural and informal is my kind of thing, not awkward, staged and stuffy. If you're looking for someone to join you on your adventures, I'm your girl. 

In terms of photography, I like to be a little different. I don't believe in the concept of 'one size fits all', and I extend my beliefs to my packages, so much so that everything I offer is tailored to you, meaning there's almost always something for everyone. So, whether you're having a tiny wedding, a full day shebang, an intimate elopement in Europe, or you want me to document your family whilst you go about your daily life, and travel with you in your VW campervan, I'll have something for you!



I am a totally relaxed kind of girl, and, like a chameleon, I love to blend into my surroundings. This means I can notice and document moments that would've otherwise gone unseen, but at the same time, this 5ft tall girl can still organise a big wedding party when it comes to the formal group shot! If it sums me up, more often than not I hear 'where is the photographer?!' to which, stood next to them, I reply, raising a hand 'Right here!' - 'Oh, I didn't see you there!' I am not sure if this is because I am only 5ft tall and most people tower over me or because I am so unobtrusive, but either way, I think that sums me up pretty well.

If you want to find out more about me and how I shoot, you can do so here!




You almost disappeared into the fabric of the day. You had an eye for capturing the relaxed magic people only exude when they are most unaware.
— Amanda and Vic, 2017





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Pricing can be TRICKY, can't it? That's because it's not a one size fits all kind of thing, right?

For that reason, below are a couple of basic wedding and lifestyle package outlines which may fit your photographic needs. The below packages and prices aim to give you a rough idea of what I offer and how I work, but they are certainly not the be all and end all! So, whether you're looking for a few hours of wedding coverage, to a whole day of wedding coverage, whether you're looking to elope, get married abroad, have a newborn session, empower yourself with a boudoir session, or anything in between, I will have a package for you! Definitely get in contact and I will work out something perfect for you!


From  £450...


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives together, which is why my full day of coverage doesn't start half way through and doesn't finish until the very end. I'll be there to document every step of your story, from the tiniest moments to the biggest ones. Also included with all full day wedding coverage is a complimentary engagement session - perfect for those Save the Date cards. When the day is all done, you'll receive as many highly edited digital files as possible on a USB stick, so you can relive your day as many times as you like!

Please take a look at my Investment page for further pricing information, or contact me for a quote!

FROM £750...


Eloping? Getting married overseas? I am always up for climbing mountains, exploring new terrains, and documenting your most intimate moments. If you're happy to cover my travel and hotel fees, then we are all set to adventure!





Lifestyle sessions span a whole multitude of different photographic shoots, and almost of all them take a candid, documentary approach (with some helpful direction!). Some of the most common bookings include engagement, newborn, family, portrait, either on location or in the comfort of your own home (for newborn sessions) but they are not limited to them. If you've got an idea, send it my way!


closeness series

The Closeness Series does just what it says on the tin: it's for documenting closeness. Whether an at-home couples session or empowering boudoir session. Taking a laid back approach, the focus is on you.



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I am a believer in getting up early to watch the sunrise and I believe in noticing every sunset. I believe in staying up late to study the stars on clear nights, and looking at shapes in the clouds on warm summer days. I like to take the road less travelled, rather than the easy route, because who knows what you'll uncover on those unexpected journeys. I believe in creating memories and throwing caution to the wind. And finally, I believe in collecting experiences, and not things. 

If you love those things too, and you're looking for someone to take along on adventures, please get in touch.

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