As a small business, people aren’t just buying from your business… they’re also buying from you. They want to know who you are, what you enjoy, and why you love to do what you do! So many people book me as their photographer because by the time it comes to even just their initial enquiry, through the images and text they’ve seen, they’ve got a feel for who I am, what I do, and why I love my job (if you can call it that. Doesn’t the saying go ‘Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life'?!)

Truly, I understand just how important good photographs are… but they’re even more important when they’re acting as your first impression! When someone sees your website, they’re just as excited to find out more about you as they are to buy your products. So often when buying from a small business or a creative, I head right to their ‘About’ page. I want to know if they’re a hardcore vegan, if they love doing yoga at weekends, if they’ve got an obsessive collection of something, and also a bit about why they got into what they do now. Good branding photographs act as that initial handshake, a ‘hello!’ if you will. They break down the barriers and show prospective clients who you are, what you do, and what makes you tick.

After seeing so many small businesses struggling to sell their crafts, and working with people who regularly have creative outlets, I decided to begin to offer business branding sessions! I have such a love for documenting my wedding and lifestyle clients with a natural approach, that I now extend this to my business branding sessions, which means getting to know you, finding out what you want to show to your clients, and then creating beautiful images to share, showing your true authentic self!

WHAT CAN I BOOK FOR MY small business branding session?

I have two different options when it comes to booking a small business branding session, but both come with an online gallery of as many full resolution edited photographs as possible. What you book will depend on what you’re looking for! You can choose between:

A two hour product photo session:

These are aimed towards makers, who are looking for photos of their items for say their web-shop or social media. Recent examples include a jeweller, a children’s clothing company, and a vegan candle company.


A two hour small business branding session:

These are aimed towards those who want a wide range of images to use for branding purposes. Typically these include a combination of images of them working (think emailing, making phone calls, holding consultations, or actually physically doing their job, such as tattoo artists tattooing and potters making pieces), images of the products they make (if they make physical products), and we will also spend time creating headshots, both at your place of work or on location. Recent examples include a jeweller, a tattoo artist, a potter and a dancer.


I offer all of my business branding sessions in the Essex area, but I am always happy to travel further afield! Travel outside of the Colchester area is additional at the HMRC rate of 45p per mile.