Although I'm not married yet, if I'm being honest... I want to elope (if and!) when I do get married. The photo you see in the header is actually of myself and my boyfriend of seven years, taken by the wonderful Virginian photographer White Sails Creative. I think there is something so intimate and beautiful about eloping with that one person you love the most out of the multiple billions of people in the world. For me, elopements are about celebrating your love, as purely, as simply and as stripped-back as possible. I for one am not someone who likes any limelight at all, and I love the fact that eloping gives you that option to celebrate your day without feeling like you're in the spotlight.

Because of the way I shoot, so candidly and unobtrusively, I am easily able to document the intimacy and love between the two of you in a way that won't make you feel awkward or uncomfortable. I know how important real, beautiful moments are, but I also know how difficult that can be when you're a shy person. Trust me.

If you bring me along on your elopement, I promise to document your day as intimately and unobtrusively as possible.  

Photo of my boyfriend and I by  White Sails Creative .

Photo of my boyfriend and I by White Sails Creative.

We want to elope, how should we get in touch?

If you'd love to elope, wherever you please in the world, please don't hesitate to get in contact and tell me about your beautiful plans. I offer very special packages for elopements, the price reflecting the intimate and low-key nature of your day.