This form is just a way to formalise all of the information I need from you guys before your wedding date - which should make it plain sailing! Please fill in as much information as you possibly can. Sorry it is quite lengthy, but it will save us lots of time!

If you get stuck with anything, pop me an email to

The information you provide will only be used in relation to your wedding day. More information about how I use the data you give me can be found in my Privacy Policy.

Name *
Partner's name *
Partner's name
I only collect this so I can call you on the day!
I only collect this so I can call you on the day!
Usually someone handy with a phone and / or my right-hand person when it comes to collecting people for group shots.
I only collect this so that I can send you your photos!
Please mention the number for the ceremony and reception if these differ.
Please include individual numbers per person.
Please include the whole address, including post code.
I usually leave half an hour before you so that I can arrive with your partner.
Please include the address in full.
I usually try to arrive with them.
Please include the whole address, including post code.
Please include the whole address, including post code.
Please try to keep this below ten combinations in total (so that we don't take up too much time!) Please also refer to people via 'mother of the bride' etc rather than their names (as I won't know who each person is by name.) Put N/A if not applicable.
This could be members of your bridal party, a toastmaster or just two family members who know everyone attending. At only 5ft tall, I often need someone louder and bigger than me to take on the role of chief name shouter/s! Make sure you ask them first!
I usually steal you away for 15-30 minutes whilst guests are settling into the reception venue. We could also split this into two 15 minute sections.
Including invitations, centrepieces, decor etc.
After your wedding, I usually edit a few teaser photos, just to give you a little taste while waiting for your gallery and USB to arrive. I usually share 3-5 photographs over a few days, no more than 10. Please check an option that suits you.
Sometimes churches and registrars have restrictions with photography (such as no flash). Please let me know if there are any!
*Only applies if I am working with you for 6+ hours.
Maybe you're having a sparkler exit, fireworks or secret transport - tell me all about it here!
Social media and advertising are the best way others can see my work, and often how I get bookings. However, it is super important that you either do or do not give explicit consent for me to use your photos. If you do, you must outline below the ways in which I may use them. Please indicate in which ways I have your full permission to use your photos. Please tick 'No' if you are not happy with me using your photos. *
If at any time you decide you are uncomfortable with me using any more photos, please get in touch so that I can apply this in writing.